“I purchased your solo chanter the moment it was available through a local supplier and it is without THE FINEST chanter I’ve played or heard. Hearing your recordings using the chanter sold me and they blend fantastically with my Duncan Soutar pipes! I have never needed to tape it which is a miracle in the tropics of Florida and this chanter is without a doubt a chanter I will be using for many years to come. The chanter is everything you said and more, thank you Mr. MacLeod for sharing your experience and high A.” Robert Larcom, USA

“The chanter arrived intact 5 days ago and I have had a good chance to try it out. All I can say is WOW!! It really has a glorious sound. Very comfortable to play, and truly does everything you promised it would. Wonderful workmanship on it too. Thanks so much for developing what might be the very best chanter on the market.” Ralph Ballard, Australia

“The chanter sounds great. Piob HighG very nice & steady.” Herve Le Floc’h, France

“I received this chanter yesterday, I played it last night. I put my current reed in it and within 10 minutes had this balanced and playing, another 10 minutes for my drones to settle and played Mary’s Praise. I don’t know how you did it but this chanter is probably the nicest sounding chanter I have ever played, it does have your trademark High A. It has been years since I had something that was as comfortable and sounded this good within the first 10 minutes of playing. Again thank you. This has inspired me to practice more and I actually enjoy playing and not struggling with my sound.” Steve Tripp, Canada

“Very quickly: the chanter arrived on Saturday. In one word- excellent! Well done to you and everyone involved.” Martin Kessler, Germany

“I played with the reed a bit and achieved very good results. Sounds great. Yes, I’m using the flat-bladed Troy reeds, they sound the best of all the reeds I’ve tried so far. Excellent top hand especially.” Hugh Metcalfe, Canada

“I believe this band chanter is quite unique as it’s almost tape-free. The high G has always been a problem for me with other chanters but although the overall pitch is relatively high, the high G pitch is still good. I also find the chanter sound to be pleasant (seems to be pitching at 481 with this reed). So, I think you have a real winner here. Well done.” Iain Currie, Denmark

“I’ve been playing an RJM chanter for a while now and have had a lot of success in solo competitions. In fact, it’s without a doubt the best chanter I’ve played.” Calum Watson, Scotland